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Job: Research Scientist and Network Manager.
Goal: Help in making the world a better place (for programmers).
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Welcome and Thanks for visiting my home page.

I was born in 1968. Although I was far too young to remember, the keywords of that year were freedom, equality, free thinking, revolution. In early 70s many free radio stations had birth here in Italy because their young creators wanted to have a way for spreading their thoughts, ideas, emotions and tell the world that they were alive 'n kickin'.
The Internet today represents for me what free radio represented in the 70s. This page is here because of my need to tell everybody what I think, do, create. Herein you can find all I've been able to do in the last years that is my humble and tiny contribution to computer science (r)evolution. I was not born in 1968 by coincidence! Thanks for being here.

Teaching Activities

PhD Thesis

Papers I Have Published Recently


  1. L. Deri, A. Cardigliano, F. Fusco
    Advancements in Traffic Processing Using Programmable Hardware Flow Offload
    Proceedings of NetAccell-AI / IEEE HPSR 2024, 2024.
  2. F. Baiardi, F. Boni, G. Braccini, E. Briganti, and L. Deri
    Kex-Filtering: A Proactive Approach to Filtering
    Proceedings of SECRYPT 2024, 2024.


  1. L. Deri and F. Fusco
    Evaluating IP Blacklists Effectiveness
    Proceedings of 6th International Workshop on Cyber Security (CSW-2023), 2023.


  1. L. Deri and A. Cardigliano
    Using CyberScore for Network Traffic Monitoring
    Proceedings of 2022 IEEE Intl Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience, 2022.


  1. L. Deri and F. Fusco
    Using Deep Packet Inspection in CyberTraffic Analysis
    Proceedings of 2021 IEEE Intl Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience, 2021.


  1. L. Deri and D. Sartiano
    Monitoring IoT Encrypted Traffic with
 Deep Packet Inspection and Statistical Analysis [ IEEE ]
    Proceedings of 15th Intl Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2020), 2020.
  2. L. Deri and D. Sartiano
    Using DPI and Statistical Analysis in Encrypted Network Traffic Monitoring
    Intl Journal for Information Security Research, Volume 10 Issue 1,, 2020.


  1. D. Sartiano, L. Deri, and others
    Suspicious Network Event Recognition Leveraging on Machine Learning
    Proceedings of IEEE Intl Conference on Big Data, 2019.
  2. L. Deri, S. Sabella, and M. Mainardi
    Combining System Visibility and Security Using eBPF
    Proceedings of ITASEC 2019, 2019.


  1. L. Deri and A. Del Soldato
    An Architecture for Distributing and
 Enforcing IoT Security at the Network Edge
    Proceedings of iThings 2018, 2018.
  2. L. Deri and A. Del Soldato
    Enforcing Security in IoT and Home Networks
    Proceedings of ITASEC 2018, 2018.


  1. D. Lemire, O. Kaser, N. Kurz, L. Deri and others
    Roaring Bitmaps: Implementation of an Optimized Software Library
    Software: Practice and Experience, 2017.


  1. A. Cardigliano, L. Deri and T. Lundstrom
    Commoditising DDoS Mitigation
    Proceedings of TRAC Workshop 2016, September 2016.


  1. L. Deri and others
    Implementing Web Classification for TLDs
    Proceedings of WI-IAT 2015, December 2015.
  2. L. Deri and others
    Large Scale Web-Content Classification
    Proceedings of 7th Intl Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval, November 2015.


  1. L. Deri, M. Martinelli, A. Cardigliano
    Realtime High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring Using ntopng
    Proceedings of LISA 2014 workshop, November 2014.

  2. L. Deri, M. Martinelli, A. Cardigliano
    nDPI: Open-Source High-Speed Deep Packet Inspection
    Proceedings of TRAC 2014 workshop, August 2014.


  1. Luca Deri and Alfredo Cardigliano
    10 Gbit Line Rate Packet-to-Disk Using n2disk
    Proceedings of TMA 2013 workshop, April 2013.

  2. Luca Deri and others
    GPUs for real-time processing in HEP trigger systems
    Proceedings of ACAT 2013 conference, May 2013.

  3. Luca Deri, Simone Mainardi, Maurizio Martinelli, and Enrico Gregori
    Exploiting DNS Traffic to Rank Internet Domains
    Proceedings of Tricans 2013 workshop, June 2013.
  4. Luca Deri, Simone Mainardi, Maurizio Martinelli, and Enrico Gregori
    Graph Theoretical Models of DNS Traffic
    Proceedings of TRAC 2013 workshop, July 2013.
  5. Luca Deri and Francesco Fusco
    Realtime MicroCloud-based Flow Aggregation for Fixed and Mobile Networks
    Proceedings of TRAC 2013 workshop, July 2013.
  6. Marco Danelutto, Deri Luca, Daniele De Sensi, Massimo Torquati
    Deep Packet Inspection on Commodity Hardware using FastFlow
    Proceedings of ParCo 2013, September 2013.
  7. Luca Deri and Francesco Fusco
    MicroCloud-based Network Traffic Monitoring
    Poster session of IM 2013, May 2013.
  8. Francesco Fusco, Michail Vlachos, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, Luca Deri
    Indexing million of packets per second using GPUs [ Video ]
    Proceedings of IMC 2013, October 2013.


  1. Luca Deri, Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi, Maurizio Martinelli
    Unveiling Interests and Trends Using The DNS (Best Paper Award)
    Processings of IADIS 2012, November 2012.

  2. Luca Deri, Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi, Maurizio Martinelli, Daniele Vannozzi
    A Distributed DNS Traffic Monitoring System [IEEE]
    Proceedings of TRAC 2012, August 2012.

  3. Luca Deri, Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi, Maurizio Martinelli, Daniele Vannozzi
    Towards a Passive DNS Monitoring System
    Proceedings of SAC 2012, March 2012.

  4. Luca Deri, Simone Mainardi and Francesco Fusco
    tsdb: A Compressed Database For Time Series
    Proceedings of TMA 2012, March 2012.


  1. Francesco Fusco, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, Michail Vlachos, and Luca Deri
    pcapIndex: An Index for Network Packet Traces with Legacy Compatibility
    ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR), January 2012.

  2. Alfredo Cardigliano, Luca Deri and others
    vPF_RING: Towards Wire-Speed Network Monitoring Using Virtual Machines
    Proceedings og IMC 2011, November 2011.

  3. Luca Deri and others
    Increasing Data Center Network Visibility with Cisco NetFlow-Lite
    Proceedings of CNSM 2011, October 2011.

  4. Luca Deri and others
    Network Monitoring on Multi cores with Algorithmic Skeletons
    Proceedings of Intl Conference on Parallel Computing,
    ParCo 2011, August 2011.


  1. Luca Deri and others
    High Speed Network Traffic Analysis with Commodity Multi-core Systems
    Proceedings of IMC 2010, November 2010.

  2. Luca Deri and others
    Wire-Speed Hardware-Assisted Traffic Filtering with Mainstream Network Adapters
    Proceedings of NEMA 2010, October 2010. [Slides]

  3. Luca Deri and others
    Towards Monitoring Programmability in Future Internet: challenges and solutions
    Proceedings of 21st Tyrrhenian Workshop on Digital Communications, September 2010.

  4. Luca Deri and others
    Collection and Exploration of Large Data Monitoring Sets
    Using Bitmap Databases

    Proceedings of TMA 2010, April 2010.


  1. Luca Deri and others
    Enabling High-Speed and Extensible Real-Time Communications Monitoring
    Proceedings of IM 2009, June 2009.


  1. Luca Deri and Richard Andrews
    N2N: A Layer Two Peer-to-Peer VPN [ slides ]
    Proceedings of AIMS 2008, July 2008.


  1. Luca Deri
    High-Speed Dynamic Packet Filtering
    Journal of Network and System Management, June 2007


  1. Luca Deri
    Open Source VoIP Traffic Monitoring [ foils ]
    Proceedings of SANE 2006, May 2006.


  1. Luca Deri
    nCap: Wire-speed Packet Capture and Transmission
    Proceedings of E2EMON, May 2005.


  1. Luca Deri
    Improving Passive Packet Capture:Beyond Device Polling
    Proceedings of SANE 2004, October 2004.

  2. Luca Deri
    nFlow: Monitoring Flows on IPv4/v6 Networks
    Proceedings of TNC 2004, June 2004.

  3. L. Deri
    IPFIX Implementation Notes
    Internet Draft, July 2004.

  4. S. Uhlig, V. Magning, O. Bonaventure, R. Rapier, L.Deri
    Implications of the Topological Properties of Traffic on Traffic Engineering
    Proceedings of SAC 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus, March 2004.


  1. Luca Deri
    nProbe: an Open Source NetFlow Probe for Gigabit Networks
    Proceedings of Terena TNC 2003, Zagreb, Croatia, May 2003.

  2. Luca Deri, Stefano Suin, and Gaia Maselli
    Design and Implementation of an Anomaly Detection System: an Empirical Approach
    Proceedings of Terena TNC 2003, Zagreb, Croatia, May 2003.

  3. Luca Deri
    Passively Monitoring Networks at Gigabit Speeds Using Commodity Hardware and Open Source Software
    Proceedings of PAM 2003, La Jolla, April 2003.


  1. Dieter Gantenbein and Luca Deri
    Categorizing Computing Assets According to Communication Patterns
    Proceedings of Networking 2002, Pisa, May 2002.
    [See also Intelligent Device Discovery]


  1. Luca Deri, Rocco Carbone and Stefano Suin
    Monitoring Networks Using ntop
    Proceedings of IM 2001, Seattle, May 2001.


  1. Luca Deri
    Beyond the Web: Mobile WAP-based Management
    Accepted for publication consideration to Journal of Network and Systems Management
    Special Issue on Web-Based Management, May 2000.

  2. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Improving Network Security Using Ntop
    Accepted for presentation consideration to RAID 2000 Workshop on the Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection.

  3. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Effective Traffic Measurement using ntop
    IEEE Communications Magazine, 38(5), pp 138-145, May 2000.

  4. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Practical Network Security: Experiences with ntop
    TERENA Networking Conference 2000, May 2000.


  1. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Desktop- vs. Web-based Network Management
    Journal of Network Management, 1999.

  2. Luca Deri

  3. Java-based Mobile Asset Location
    IEEE MONET Special Issue on Mobility, 1999.

  4. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    ntop: Beyond ping and traceroute
    Proceedings of DSOM '99, October 1999.

  5. Luca Deri
    Desktop-based Network Management
    Proceedings of IM '99, May 1999.


  1. Luca Deri
    JLocator: a Web-based Asset Location System
    Proceedings of DSOM '98, October 1998.


  1. Franck Barillaud, Luca Deri, and Metin Feridun
    Network Management using Internet Technologies
    Proceedings of INM '97, San Diego, May 1997.

  2. James Reilly, Petri Niska, Luca Deri, and Dieter Gantenbein
    Enabling Mobile Network Managers
    Proceedings of Sixth Intl World Wide Web Conference (WWW6), 1997.

  3. Luca Deri
    Webbin': A New Way To Manage Networks
    Linux Magazin, September 1997.

  4. Luca Deri
    Yasmin: a Component-based Architecture for Software Applications
    IBM Research Report RZ 2899, Proceedings of STEP '97, London, July 1997.

  5. Luca Deri and Bela Ban
    Static vs. Dynamic CMIP/SNMP Network Management Using CORBA

  6. Proceedings of IS&N'97, May 27-29, 1997, Como, Italy.

  7. Luca Deri and Dimitrios Manikis
    VRML: Adding 3D to Network Management
    Proceedings of IS&N'97, May 27-29, 1997, Como, Italy.

  8. Luca Deri
    Rapid Network Management Application Development
    Proceedings of ECOOP '97 Workshop on Object Oriented Technology for
    Telecommunications Services Engineering, Jyväskylä Finland, June 1997.


  1. Luca Deri
    Network Management for the 90s
    Proceedings of ECOOP'96 Workshop, July 8-9, 1996, Linz, Austria.

  2. Luca Deri
    Surfin' Network Resources Across the Web
    Procedings of 2nd Intl IEEE Workshop on Systems Management,
    June 19-21, 1996, Toronto, Canada, pp. 158-167.


  1. Luca Deri and Eugenio Mattei
    An Object-Oriented Approach to the Implementation of OSI Management
    Computer Systems and ISDN Networks, August 1995.

  2. Luca Deri and Andreas Weder
    Webbin' CMIP
    Third Intl WWW Conference, April 10-14, 1995, Darmstadt, Germany,
    in Poster Proceedings, edited by R.Holzapfel.


  1. Graham Knight, Saleem Bhatti and Luca Deri
    Secure Remote Management in the Esprit MIDAS Project
    Proceeedings of IFIP '94, Barcelona, June 1994.

Other Documents and Research Reports

  1. Luca Deri
    HTTP-based SNMP and CMIP Network Management
    Internet Draft, 1997.
  2. Luca Deri
    Droplets: Breaking Monolithic Applications Apart
    IBM Research Report RZ 2799, March 1996.

  3. Bela Ban and Luca Deri
    Abstract Factory Revisited
    IBM Research Report RZ 2787, February 1996.

  4. Luca Deri
    Surfin' Network Resources Across the Web
    IBM Research Report RZ 2786, February 1996.

Papers I Have Never Published

  1. Luca Deri
    Ntop: a Lightweight Open-Source Network IDS
    September 2000.

Research Interests

  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Dynamic Languages and Object-Oriented Technology
  • World Wide Web
  • Human-Computer Interaction

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